16 February 2015

Just for the Record

Let it be remembered that Pope Benedict XVI was in attendance at the recent consistory to create Cardinals, as he was for the previous one, and at the controversial ceremonies of canonization and beatification.

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Anonymous said...

Here is my view of Things:

Appearance is everything. If the pope can sell the idea that he is no different than his predecessor, then people with some conservative leanings who are at present worried will be calmed of their despair.

It's been two years and no word about the dossier regarding the homosexual lobby in the Vatican? Me thinks Benedict was pressured to resign by the more progressive lobby of the vatican. Let us not forget that there are two groups of progressives. There is the more conservative elk of JP II, B XVI and the CDF chief, and then the radical progressive elk of Francis, Congar, Rahner,Kasper, Wuerl, etc.

Although the rad progressives have been given tacit approval by popes in the past, they are getting tired of second fiddle and want to do things more quickly. No more soft pedaling or clever compromises but open and encouraged progressive governing and pastoral care. I believe they have been operating in what I would call a silent apostasy for many years. Now, will emerge the 2nd church that Fulton Sheen spoke about. It will not be apparent to many, but Rome will be the leader of the One World Church inviting Lutherans, Anglicans and other mainstream churches to join her in her quest for peace by offering them the world's peace--false religion.

Already, Rome is planning (officially) to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Luther. Is this not diabolic and a sign from hell? No mention of Our Lady of Fatima anywhere, but instead, Luther, her archenemy is celebrated by the church.

Small wonder why Our Lady will let Rome be destroyed for whoring herself out to the world.

As Pius XII said, Apres moi, deluge (after me, the flood)

The progressive faction know they are running out of time, and they cannot stand Our Lady of Fatima. If they are not all Freemasons by oath, they are freemasonic in their principles. Why have they made us afraid to say this in public? Anyway, it is this faction that gave Francis his conclave after they told Benedict his time was up because he was too slow in enacting their agenda.

Benedict may be their prisoner while he is alive and may very well be implicated in the dossier. Why?

Why else would he be so willing to smile at the cameras for photos with Francis? He is retired. He does not need to be seen anymore. It confuses the faithful. Surely they know how this works.

Paul--expecting the triumph of Our Lady and the Social reign of Christ.