17 February 2015

Shrove Tuesday Roundup Post of Doom

Always striving to be a better person (and what better time than Lent to try harder), I am trying, like so many others, to square the circle of Catholic blogging with holiness in these dreadful Church times.  I am not issuing any manifesto for Lent, other than to seek to amplify the positive where it exists, and to avoid the truly needless negative. In no way would I advocate the Pollyanna approach, or Candide's "we live with the best of all possible popes" self-help philosophy. So of course there times when the alarm must be sounded.

But I guess for Lent I will try to do a much better job discerning just when that situation really exists.  Because, in the end, Saint Louis Catholic-- the blog-- does not and cannot institute any program of needed reform and restoration in the Church.  God has willed, in His wisdom, that any such restoration will have to be enacted and enforced by the lawful authority-- the Church and her hierarchy. And no, I don't see it happening soon, absent divine intervention.  

But you know what, divine intervention happens.  And how can I, a servant of Mary and a person who believes that Fatima has yet to play out (but could soon) despair of God's providence in these times?

As a person, there could be events where I would consider myself bound in conscience (as I did in last year's Synod against on the Family) to be very critical of the actions of the Holy Father and the hierarchy.  One needn't have a crystal ball to note that another Synod looms later this year.  So, for what it is worth, this little blog will not be ceding the field.  I'm just going to try to be more discerning in my post topics.  After all, I'm trying to get to heaven before they close the door, too, just like you (Yep, Bob Dylan reference).

So, let me clean out some news of the strange, bad, weird and whatever today:

1. Rorate Caeli, which has kept the light shining on the shameful treatment of the Franciscans of the Immaculate for the crime, principally, of celebrating the traditional Mass (yes, that's what I said), posts on the admission of defamation on the part of the Pope's appointed visitor against the Manelli family.  He is being forced to issue public apologies and pay a 20,000 euro fine. Read the whole post here.  We can only join in suggesting that this might be the time to call off the reverse inquisition of this order.

UPDATE:  Fr. Volpi has issued a denial of this story, and the relevant contentions can be read here.

2.  Cardinal Wuerl has posted on his blog thinly-disguised counter to Cardinal Burke and those who wish to uphold the unchangeable teachings of the Church on marriage and the integrity of the sacraments.  His post is here, and offers a fascinating misstatement of recent Church history.  

I encourage you to read the whole piece, so you have the entire context. It seems to me that the article says essentially two things: 1) The Pope is very popular and therefore is right about everything; and, 2) All of the good popes since Vatican II have detractors, particularly those nasty trads-- can't they just shut it already?

I wrote a response to His Eminence's article, and I give him credit in that it escaped comment moderation. I post it below:

Your Eminence,

Your article is not fair towards those who love the faith and see it undefended at the highest levels of the hierarchy. One may love the Pope precisely by pleading with him to defend the faith as it has been handed down by the apostles.

I of course will give you credit for good will and good intentions. But your depiction of the pope as universally revered and loved, one who draws such large crowds, is simply not accurate. It is a soft sell, to say the least. And even if it were true, the love of the world is not the measure of the greatness of a Vicar of Christ.

I beg you to uphold the teachings of Christ on marriage and communion; in this you will prove the good will and good intentions of which I give you credit.

With respect,
Saint Louis Catholic

3. Fifty Shades of Grey, the lovely family movie about perverse sexual activity, has outdrawn The Passion of the Christ as the biggest February box office opening ever.  Yep.

4. But don't worry friends, there is still an authentic Christian culture in this great country of ours, as this story proves:

A couple exchanged vows at White Castle in South County

Hayley Dennis, 23, and Jacob Slay, 27, exchanged wedding vows on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 15, 2015, at a White Castle on Lemay Ferry Road in south county. A small group of friends and family ate sliders as they watched the couple get married after winning a radio contest. "We love each other, and we love White Castle," said Dennis. "We love doing things on the fly," said Dennis. "She's the boss," said Slay. The couple met while attending MU in Columbia. Slay spent four years in the Navy before going to college. The couple live close to the White Castle and plan to be back often for more sliders.

Dear Readers, have a blessed and spiritually beneficial Lent. 

Oremus pro invicem!

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JBQ said...

Actually, this couple may have hit on something. You could obtain a McDonald's franchise and incorporate it into a church. This would be the perfect opportunity to draw in the curious to see that Catholicity was a "worship of and for the people". You would raise money for the parish and give a portion to the poor. Maybe, this could be a tax shelter where you don't pay taxes. It could even evolve toward the penultimate sacrifice and the use of Big Macs at the Consecration. To heck with those small hosts when you can get a Big Mac and use your own condiments.