18 March 2015

Homework Assignment

On the road today. Check out Hilary White's excellent post at The Remnant (see sidebar), which I plan to address at length tomorrow. 


Lynne said...

From the article...

"I am a layman. You reading this are probably also a layman. What I want to know is what should laymen do, with the duties and obligations and resources available to us right here and now? ... I cannot celebrate the Mass or hear my own confession. So what should I do?"

Are we in a state of emergency yet? (rhetorical question)

I've been going to an SSPX chapel for almost a year. I know that they will not capitulate. FSSP and ICK are not allowed in my diocese.

Anonymous said...

Lynne -

The weeds we now see choking out the garden were warned of by those who saw the seed being sown many years ago. How is it that we are surprised so many years later?

Though the ICK is in our diocese and FSSP is nearby, we attend the Society chapel by choice. We attend not out of defiance or combativeness, but because we believe in what they have resolved to preserve.

Part of this preservation is that the Society provides Traditional Catholic education in their primary and/or secondary schools wherever there is a Priory; this sadly is something that neither the ICK nor the FSSP provide.