18 June 2015

On the Bright Side: Life at the Oratory

In the midst of troubled times, it is good to receive this week's newsletter from Saint Francis de Sales Oratory as a reminder of how beautiful the life of a community of Catholics can be.  Is it perfect?  No. But I haven't found a place as spiritually beautiful anywhere else.  A true oasis of the faith in the middle of the desert of our times.

The newsletter covers the recent Corpus Christi procession, the annual priests' retreat of the Institute, the visit of Monsignor Wach, the Choir Camp, the upcoming Mass in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Institute in St. Louis, and more.  You can read it in full here, but I wanted to post these several pictures to give you an idea of it.

God bless the Institute!
Christ Blesses Our City


Benediction at Outdoor Altar

Priests Here for Retreat

Learning from Monsignor Wach

The Prior General

From the First Visit of then-Archbishop Burke


M. Prodigal said...

So beautiful! If I lived in St. Louis I would be right there with you!

Ave Maria!

MrsC said...

Beautiful feast like this, and priests like these, give me confidence in the Church, the Bride of Christ. She is divine! Fashionable ideas come and go, but her feasts, her liturgy, and her faithful ministers point us to Christ and to Truth. On this day of all days I am still glad to be Catholic. Where else could I go?