25 June 2015

What Do These Two Flags Have in Common?


They are flags of countries where slavery was legal.

They are also flags of countries that no longer exist.


Lynne said...


Anonymous said...

Not true. The flag on the left never flew in a country in which slavery was legal--there weren't 50 stars on the national flag in the 1850s.

That's not intended to nitpick. My point is that the flag on the left changed over time and developed a meaning separate from its relationship with slavery. The flag on the right did not--it remains inextricably linked to slavery and secession, and it seems silly to honor a flag (flying at the same level as the national flag, no less!) that is linked with either of those ideas.

thetimman said...

The confederate cause was the last just war in U.S. History, despite slavery (and certainly not because of it). It was the cause of freedom, believe it or not, and the rule of law. Both died in that war, and everything since then has been the necessary consequence of it.