22 September 2015

Morality Out; Mercy without Repentance In

I am posting heavy excerpts of this article posted at The Remnant, because it is that good.  It is a good retort to those hand-wringing "progressives" who never cared what a pope had to say until 2013, but who now are all for obedience.  Obedience is easy when you are told to do as you please, of course.

Charity is the spouse of truth; it is vital.  It is not soft soap and confirmation in sin.

It is respectfully submitted that there are very few Catholics who actually want to disagree with the Roman Pontiff.  Moreover, it would appear self-evident that there are even fewer Catholics who would actually enjoy disagreeing with the Bishop of Rome.  But, sometimes, some things, although not desirable, must be done, and disagreeing with what the Pope is doing these days is one of those things.

When the Pope himself shakes and cracks the very rock foundations upon which the Faith rests, and when he thereby threatens to unleash the forces behind the gates of hell into our very midst, we must speak out and we must speak firmly and loudly.

The truth is that despite Vatican II and all of its platitudes towards the Faithful, the Catholic Faithful are never listened to.  The Faithful were not listened to when the altars were turned round, the Faithful were not listened to when the railings were torn out, and the Faithful were not listened to when the liturgy was changed.

No, these Vatican II renewal projects were not the result of the Catholic Faithful.  These actions were the result of the “Christian laity” and of a certain band of “intelligentsia” within the hierarchy.  If we are to accept the hierarchy at their word within the context of the judgment of history, the abysmal failure that resulted was an unintentional backfire, and instead of making the profane sacred by opening the doors of the Church to the world, the sacred became profane.   

Whether intentional or unintentional, it is beyond dispute that the unheeded Catholic Faithful remained, while the “Christian laity” and their hierarchical intelligentsia counterparts escaped to secularism in large numbers.    Now, they are on the peripheries, on the margins, and we have a Pontiff who seeks them out.

To achieve his ends, the doors are to be thrown open once more.  This time, it is the Doors of Mercy that are to be opened.  The burning love of Mercy without Repentance is to set the world aflame. In our new Church—a Christian Church that has outgrown its Catholicity—faithfulness in marriage and morality in life are to be ideals, and sin and scandal are to be welcomed and even celebrated.

But we must resist. A pontificate that fabricates reasons to nullify what are in actuality sacramental marriages and which welcomes adulterers to our altars is by far more Merciful than the words of our Christ and our Tradition.  Sadly, such proposed Mercy may prove to be truly burning, indeed, and it may ultimately be accompanied by the stench of brimstone for many.  Only the good Lord can say.


The reality of Catholicism, as practiced by actual Faithful Catholics, is so far removed from the characterizations of it by this Bishop of Rome that his actions and words are laughable.  No Catholic judges anyone. Catholics judge only actions, not persons.  Even then, Catholics judge with mercy, forgiveness, and charity, and only when necessary to protect our Faith and our Families. 

As Pope Benedict XVI, or was it John Paul II pointed out, there is a fine line between acceptance and facilitation.  And, with such strong anti-Catholic propaganda coming from the Vatican these days, one can only wonder whether it is acceptance of persons or facilitation of sin that Rome seeks.  Right now, it is not looking good, and what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Let us hope that the Holy Spirit finally decides to let His will be known, thereby releasing us from this tribulation.


Daddy Rangel said...

On March 13, 2013 I googled "Jorge Bergoglio Holy Thursday Washing of the Feet" and the images told me all I needed to know about the man elected and the type of papacy we would experience. I have been sadly expecting what we are experiencing. I will admit this quotation shocked me though, "The world has changed and the Church cannot lock itself into alleged interpretations of dogma. We have to approach social conflicts, new and old, and try to give a hand of comfort, not to stigmatize and not to just impugn,"
And I cannot believe that more hasn't been made of it. It is clear that our current Bishop of Rome believes that everything that came before him are "alleged interpretations of dogma". I think Cardinal Burke's words are simply the best advice; remain faithful. I cannot be more catholic than the pope or my bishop but I can be more faithful.
Take care and God bless,
Inocencio Rangel

Long-Skirts said...

Timman said:

""progressives" who never cared what a pope had to say until 2013, but who now are all for obedience. Obedience is easy when you are told to do as you please, of course."

“The knock-out blow of Satan
has been to cause disobedience
in the name of obedience.”

(Fr. Cyprian, OSB, Prior of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery)