14 September 2015

More Mercy More Quicker: Announcing Pre-Marital Annulments

-Want an annulment, but aren't married yet?

-Don't quite like the look of your fiancée?

-Worried that new annulment procedures could waste minutes or even days until your second marriage?

-Do you want Holy Communion right now?

Worry no more! Thanks to new management, the same people who brought you 2,000 years of indissoluble marriage now have gone one better with new and improved Pre-Marital Annulments!

Free with each marriage license purchased, these Pre-Marital Annulments make sure you never have to wait for your next Church wedding.

Because love means never having to say, "I do." Well, not really, anyway.


Elizabeth said...

Is this different from pre-marital agreements, which already exist (and depending upon the contents, are evidence for an annulment)?

Anonymous said...

Sad, very sad, but this seems like exactly where we are at.

Ben Dehler said...

This is actually happening. I know of a Priest that documents the reasons the Marriage is Null before they are married so that when it fails it is quicker and easier to get married a second time.

viterbo said...

LOL. But horrible true. Except the the folks who brought us indissoluble marriage for two thousand years are exiled while the new-fix-VII faction are squatting like they had the right. Sadly most people are more than happy to support the delusion.