24 September 2015

My Quick Take on the Papal Speech


Anonymous said...

Not even a cryptic picture? Pow!

Matt_OCDS said...

I found it amusing that the Republics started a crescendo cheer as he talked about the need to protect the sanctity of all life, and then the republican mood abruptly switched as he took that statement to its logical conclusion and stated his continuing opposition to the death penalty.

Long Pants said...

No one expects anything different from you, and that's OK. No pope since Peter has made everyone happy, or brought everyone closer to God, or inspired all Christians to truly embrace Gospel living. That's OK, too. Francis just isn't your guy. What appeals to you might not appeal to another, and vice versa. It's no small matter, however, that he is inspiring a lot of people to really embrace Christ, to imitate Christ, and that's wonderful. What's the point of all this if God doesn't smile on our "Christlikedness"? Don't forget the 2nd reading from a couple Sundays ago: "What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?" You'd have to work pretty hard, and rather blindly, to find serious fault with the example he's setting.

Long-Skirts said...

As Rorate-Caeli teeted:

- No room in the inn.
- No room in the Pope's address in the White House.
- No room in the Pope's speech to Congress.