15 September 2015

Some Good News for Kansas City-St. Joseph

The Holy See today appointed Bishop James Vann Johnston, formerly Bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, to succeed Bishop Robert Finn in Kansas City-St. Joseph.

Bishop Johnston is a solid bishop who should do a good job in a diocese filled with vipers--chief among them the most prominent rag of heresy in the American "Catholic" media. I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers.

Pray for Bishop Finn, too, if you will, unjustly persecuted during his time there.


Fr. Andrew said...

Praise God for a chance to move on. Rough for everyone, I can only imagine. My prayers.

Anonymous said...

I think Bishop Finn's tenure here in Kansas City was pleasing enough to Our Lady that, no matter what happens at the October Synod, she has made sure he will be completely blameless in her Son's eyes. Mr. John Heuertz, OP