21 September 2015

That's No Malarkey

Maureen Mullarkey at First Things writes on the sabotage of marriage and the family perpetrated by the new annulment process imposed by Francis, gloriously regnant.  

She pulleth no punches, yo.


Anonymous said...

With all news outlets covering the Pope's pilgrimage (even Bernie Sanders is quoting Pope Francis!), it looked to me like the annulment motu proprios cleverly timed like a Friday night dump of bad news were going to slide into the side pocket unnoticed. Thank God there is still murmuring. I share Maureen Mullarkey's exquisite observations.

Long-Skirts said...

A very good article!!

Matt_OCDS said...


"It is better to leave judgments on the complexities of canon law to others"

That doesn't seem to be stopping her.

"But impressions are admissible"

That's correct, I suppose. Even ill-informed impressions. Still, I guess I should be surprised. People who tend to see Scandal everywhere also tend to spread it to other people, like some icky virus.

"Divorce was sorrowful enough for the couple’s children, the younger ones still in their teens. Annulment would have inflicted on the three biological children the added wrench of knowing that, in the Church’s eyes, they were bastard products of an invalid—nonexistent—marriage"

Wait, what? I thought we were leaving canon law to the experts? Well, since we've hopped on that track......

The Church does not teach anything of the sort. Stating so is a best through ignorance and and worst deliberately misleading and emotionally harmful. Canon 1137 specifically states that children of putative/annulled marriages are not illegitimate in any way shape or form. While the Sacramental Marriage may not have existed, the natural marriage (valid under natural law, pre-dating the Incarnation and still valid, although the Sacrament of Marriage as instituted by Christ is pre-eminent) by definition did, and the children of that natural marriage are still perfectly valid and legitimate. St. Thomas Aquinas discusses the concept of matrimony and natural law in Question 41 of the Summa.

It would probably be a better use of the authors time to learn more about what she is writng before she she puts pen to paper; she would probably give less scandal that way.


Anonymous said...

There is SO much misunderstanding about Catholic teaching on marriage, divorce, mortal sin and communion. For example, a divorce, a divorce and remarriage do not result in excommunication, but they can keep us from communion. Sigh. These efforts at the synod have only mucked things up more.