08 September 2015

The Catholic Faith is an All or Nothing Proposition

I have a standard answer that annoys my few remaining friends whenever someone asks me what the chances are of such-and-such happening. To me, putting odds on something is just idle speculation.  Reality is more concrete. It is the crossroads of God's sovereignty and man's free will.

For example, someone might reasonably ask, "What do you think are the chances that the Synod will produce a policy of allowing public adulterers to receive sacrilegious communion?"

My answer is simple:  "It's either 100% or 0%."

Now mind you, this isn't an "I don't know" answer wearing some disguise.  I do know.  It's either 100% or 0%. I can say for sure which one after the fact.

In my opinion, there is no better event about which to make this answer a subject for meditation and mortification than the Synod against on the Family.  Take a moment to place yourself in the presence of God, and contemplate this fact: before the end of fifty days, the Catholic Church will have done one of two momentous things, either:

1. She will disregard and attempt to nullify the words of Her Divine Spouse Himself as to the indissolubility (and nature) of marriage, as well as defy the scriptural teaching on the proper disposition to receive Holy Communion; or,

2. She will uphold the truth as expressed by Our Lord, the Scriptures, and unbroken Tradition, in spite of an orchestrated plot to do so involving Catholics-in-name at every level of the Church, from lowest to highest, lay and clerical.

Regardless of the outcome, it is the stuff of trembling.  Outcome one will be a flat-out disaster crying out for chastisement, that will ruin countless souls.  Outcome two will be little short of a miracle, considering the powerful array of persons urging repudiation of the truth and the abandoning of the faith.

You may read much sobering and helpful analysis on the Synod from those few remaining outlets that care about the faith.  To take just one example, Hilary White is on the consummate "roll" on this subject, as you can see here, here, and here.  Things are serious indeed.  She notes that we should not merely shrug our shoulders because "somehow" the Holy Ghost will make all well in the end.

I agree.  He may in fact in the end make things well, but we need to pray for it, sacrifice for it, and prepare ourselves and others should evil instead prevail for a day.

The Synod, regardless of the politics and the sleight-of-hand, is an all or nothing proposition.  The faith, the truth, the sacraments-- they will be upheld or they will be rejected.

We face a choice.  Will we remain true to Jesus Christ or not?  In other words, will we remain Catholic?  And if we would, what are we prepared to give up to be so?

We have fewer than fifty days to decide. The chances are either 100% or 0%.


Anonymous said...

Merely curious. How will outcome one "ruin countless souls?"

True Believer

thetimman said...

Many ways. A few:

1. It will encourage people to commit sacrilege.
2. It will undermine belief in the indefectibility of the Church and her supernatural claims.
3. It will cause scandal.
4. It will discourage the faithful and weaken their strength to endure.
5. It will embolden sinners.

Just a start.

Anonymous said...

"We face a choice. Will we remain true to Jesus Christ or not? In other words, will we remain Catholic? And if we would, what are we prepared to give up to be so?"

Similar could have been said after the Second Vatican Council and indeed, this present sorrow is just one blossom of that convulsion. Archbishop Lefevbre for one foresaw this and was prepared to help preserve the Priesthood and the Faith through the formation of the Society. Others have done similar and the Faith remains - it may go underground, but it will remain. The visible Church in her diocese, parishes and seats may look and act vastly different, but Catholicism remains, if not there, than in families, societies and communities. Each of us play a part and cannot risk being lukewarm, more so now when Bishop, Cardinal and Pope cause so much confusion.

Concerned Catholic