31 October 2015

Church Arsonist Caught: Sharpton Visit Averted

Well, it was fun blaming white supremacists while it lasted, but police finally arrested a suspect in the St. Louis serial church arson case.

Rest easy, because media reports about this being a possible hate crime are false. The suspect is black, so no hate crime.

You see, he only targeted Christians.

Since the suspect doesn't fit the template, look for this story to disappear now.

BTW, the whole idea of hate crimes is repugnant and bankrupt. All of the acts that make up hate crimes are already crimes. This merely allows our betters to engage in political and selective prosecution.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I think with any crime you can probably find some hate or anger involved as a motivator, whether it's hate at a group or a specific person. The man hates his ex-wife. The kids hate the cranky old man next door. The woman hates her rival for a man's affections. The old man hates the kids' loud music. Take your pick. They do property damage or physically harm the person they hate.

Certainly no positive emotions motivate such crimes.

There is no reason to distinguish among them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it occurs to me that maybe Glover et al were looking in the wrong place for their devil. The cops got him. They didn't even have a "ghost catcher."

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters or the cops?