20 October 2015

In Conclusion, on Marriage

Today we reach the conclusion of the Catechism of the Council of Trent, or the Roman Catechism as it is otherwise known, on the subject of Holy Matrimony.  After this I will begin posting the relevant anathemas decreed by the Council itself. The Words of Christ do not expire.  The truth cannot and never will change.

The Use Of Marriage

Finally, the use of marriage is a subject which pastors should so treat as to avoid any expression that may be unfit to meet the ears of the faithful, that may be calculated to offend the piety of some, or excite the laughter of. others. The words of the Lord are chaste words; and the teacher of a Christian people should make use of the same kind of language, one that is characterised by singular gravity and purity of soul. Two lessons of instruction to the faithful are, then, to be specially insisted upon.

The first is that marriage is not to be used for purposes of lust or sensuality, but that its use is to be restrained within those limits which, as we have already shown, have been fixed by the Lord. It should be remembered that the Apostle admonishes: They that have wives, let them be as though they had them not, and that St. Jerome says: The love which a wise man cherishes towards his wife is the result of judgment, not the impulse of passion; he governs the impetuosity of desire, and is not hurried into indulgence. There is nothing more shameful than that a husband should love his wife as an adulteress.

But as every blessing is to be obtained from God by holy prayer, the faithful are also to be taught sometimes to abstain from the marriage debt, in order to devote themselves to prayer. Let the faithful understand that (this religious continence), according to the proper and holy injunction of our predecessors, is particularly to be observed for at least three days before Communion, and oftener during the solemn fast of Lent.

Thus will they find the blessings of marriage to be daily increased by an abundance of divine grace; and living in the pursuit of piety, they will not only spend this life in peace and tranquillity, but will also repose in the true and firm hope, which confoundeth not, of arriving, through the divine goodness, at the possession of that life which is eternal.

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chantgirl said...

Good grief, if we can't get couples to give up adulterous and contraceptive sex, what hope do we have to get them to give up licit sex?

I can see this working before frequent Holy Communion became the norm, but now it would be a much harder sell- especially as we have a number of couples who go to daily Mass and didn't sign up for Josephite marriages. It is a beautiful idea to abstain, though. I would guess that most people would find this even more difficult than fasting from food.