01 October 2015

Marriage Month Here at St. Louis Catholic

During this portentous month, in addition to whatever else comes along, I wanted to take readers along with me through a stroll of the Roman Catechism on the subject of Holy Matrimony.  This catechism, arising out of the Council of Trent, is a most cogent, clear, edifying and instructive document.  Throughout, I might throw in some emphases.  May Mary and Joseph, exemplars of holy marriage, guide our way.  Let's start at the beginning:



Importance Of Instruction On This Sacrament

As it is the duty of the pastor to seek the holiness and perfection of the faithful, his earnest desires must be in full accordance with those expressed by the Apostle when writing to the Corinthians: I would that all men were even as myself, that is, that all should embrace the virtue of continence. No greater happiness can befall the faithful in this life than to have their souls distracted by no worldly cares, the unruly desires of the flesh tranquillised and restrained, and the mind fixed on the practice of piety and the contemplation of heavenly things.

But as, according to the same Apostle, every one hath his proper gift from God, one after this manner, and another after that; and as marriage is gifted with great and divine blessings, so much so as truly and properly to hold a place among the other Sacraments of the Catholic Church, and as its celebration was honoured by the presence of our Lord Himself, it is clear that this subject should be explained, particularly since we find that St. Paul and the Prince of the Apostles have in many places minutely described to us not only the dignity but also the duties of the married state. Filled with the Spirit of God (these Apostles) well understood the numerous and important advantages which must flow to Christian society from a knowledge, and an inviolable observance by the faithful of the sanctity of marriage; while they saw that from ignorance or disregard of (its holiness), many and serious calamities and losses must be brought upon the Church.

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TLMer said...

What would these numerous and important advantages include, from that Catechism?
Has this doctrine somehow been represented differently in Church writings today?