17 October 2015

Relics of St. Maria Goretti at Belleville Cathedral Monday

From Monsignor Myler:

At the request of Pope Francis, the relic of St. Maria Goretti -- the youngest saint ever canonized in the Catholic Church -- will visit the Cathedral of St. Peter in Belleville on Monday, October 19.

"The Pilgrimage of Mercy" has taken the body of "the little saint of great mercy" to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Milwaukee. Cathedral doors will be open for Monday's Belleville stop from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

A century ago, Maria Goretti was an 11 year old Italian farm girl when a neighbor boy attacked her. Maria fought off his assault, but he stabbed her fourteen times. On her deathbed, she forgave her attacker, saying she wanted him to be with her "forever in heaven."

Pope Pius XII canonized St. Maria Goretti in 1950.

Maria's killer served a thirty year prison term and, upon release, became a Franciscan brother because -- he said -- of Maria's forgiveness.

According to Cathedral rector, Monsignor John Myler, "Mercy has been the great theme of Pope Francis' pontificate. He has called for a special 'Year of Mercy' beginning in December. The relic of the body of Maria Goretti is part of the preparation for the holy year."

"She's always been known as a patroness of purity. Her whole story shows she is also a saint of great mercy."

Her relic is contained in a crystal coffin. Over 5,000 pilgrims from the Belleville/St. Louis area are expected throughout the pilgrimage hours on Monday.

For more information, go to www.mariagoretti.com.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this. There are NO Missouri dates...not many west of the Mississippi or the South at all. Please come from far and wide.

A 7 pm mass is scheduled as well. The Cathedral is very beautiful. I hope to see/read that the visitors numbered in the thousands.

Long-Skirts said...

Queen of the Holy Rosary is going this Monday along with another SSPX school from Mexico, MO Gloria Dei Academy. We will have a 10:00 am Mass, Monday then head on over to Belleville. Deo Gratias!!

Cathy D said...

Planning to go and meet my sister-in-law there tonight! She is planning to go to the next stop as well, St. Maria Goretti parish in Westfield, Indiana! The pastor there is a family friend. So wish I could go, too!

Anonymous said...

The BND reports that prayer cards etc are for sale. Cards placed up against Maria Goretti's glass case would be considered third class relics of the saint. Over 3000 reported already before noon. I can't get there until afte 5 pm.

Matt OCDS said...

I took my Mother and my Daughter there this early this morning. We left suburban StL at about 6:45 AM and arrived at the Cathedral right as public veneration began at 7:30 AM.

It was absolutely glorious! My only miff was that they started playing a documentary on the Saints life on a projection screen directly adjacent to her reliquary. It was rather jarring when they started it (I was also in the middle of Lauds, too) I think something like that would have been more properly set up in the South Nave, where they had the rest of the educational materials on her life, and left the area around the Main Altar as a place for quiet reflection and prayer.

When we arrived there, we had very little wait before we were able to offer our veneration and thanks. 2 of my aunts went later in the morning and they had a 2 hour wait with a line that stretched around the Cathedral.

Elizabeth said...

I waited 1 1/2 hours after arriving about 9:45 AM. It was well worth the wait - time to say the entire Rosary - but I agree that the video was distracting.

Cathy D said...

We arrived around 5:45 last night. Our wait was only about 45 minutes.
We stayed for mass, which was 2 hours! At the end of mass, the line for veneration was out the door and down the block!