06 October 2015

This Could Be the Last Word on the Subject

This piece by Anthony Esolen is a great example of how a good writer can move mind, heart and soul.

Please read this, and remember it whenever you think about this Synod or really the whole evil agenda of the modernists among us.

The Invisible Child


Long-Skirts said...


TLMer said...

This sounds quite sad to me. What I am seeing depicted here is a mirepresentation of the Church's teachings, coupled with a rather passive attitude toward self-education in the Faith. Just because a church official says somethang does not make it true, and I would think that anyone with a degree of common sense would know that. Unless there is a prevalent attitude that preconditions people to automatically believe whatever church officials say. Also, did not the spouses described even bother to read up on marriage?

The previous few postings showed rather beautifully what the Church teaches. So how is it that the depicted couple was so easily led astray by Fr. Nuances?

We cannot just accept what we are told. We have to dig, ask, and read to find out the truth. It has always been this way in the Church, no?

TLMer said...

I know I already submitted a comment, but I left something out.

Every bishop, priest, and pope has been wicked. They all have, as are we.

What is simply different nowadays that causes people to believe we are in some kind of special crisis? I mean, really, how is it somehow worse today than throughout Church history?

I know about Modernism, Existentialism, etc. These are our challenges to contend with, true. But, it's not like the entire College is going rogue, nor even a synod. Just because people the synod is going dark-side doesn't make it so, and I have yet to see anything officI'll being promulgated to lead me to believe something wicked this way comes.

What am I missing? How am I misunderstanding things? Why is there a gloom with fellow trade about all things from the Vatican lately?

thetimman said...

The point, TLMer, is that there are many many people who are in fact led astray by the bad example of others, and the watering down of the faith by those who should be their shepherds. Such souls could otherwise be saved by the good example of others, particularly their shepherds. Is this too much to fathom? Should they be more learned? Sure. But if not is it just ok that they will in fact be scandalized and perhaps lost? The millstone imagery in the article is worth focusing on-- scandals must come, but woe to those by whom they come.

TLMer said...

I see your point Timman. I am trying to understand, though, what the point of that story even was. If not to serve as a warning against ignorance of the Faith, then what? Is it simply an expressive piece serving to recount an example of the scandelous behavior of a bad shepherd?

What am I, as a sheep, supposed to do with what the writer says? And, how does this tie-in with what has been posted here as advance condemnations of the synod?

Again, I am asking with sincerity here, and I have tried to post all my comments as honestly and openly as I can. FWIW.

Jane Chantal said...

The central message of the piece is unassailable; however I do have a quibble with the repeated image of the bleeding and abandoned mother and children because, if I'm not mistaken, the vast majority of divorces in our society are initiated by the wife. The children bleed regardless.