31 October 2015

We Are Church

And we must remain.

True to her. True to Christ.

God bless Ross Douthat for saying so:

Now it may be that today’s heretics are prophets, the church will indeed be revolutionized, and my objections will be ground under with the rest of conservative Catholicism. But if that happens, it will take hard grinding, not just soft words and academic rank-pulling. It will require a bitter civil war.

With God's grace, let us be in it to win it.


M. Prodigal said...

The victory belongs to the little ones, the humble ones, those rosary prayerful ones, those adoring ones; those without rank or letters behind their name but love God, loves Jesus, loves the Blessed Mother. THEY are Our Lady's army, the heel that crushes the proud head of satan.

TLMer said...

Wow. It is refreshing to see such orthodox Catholic fervor in the NYT!

TLMer said...

Timman, I am not sure where to post this, so if you believe it would be best posted somewhere else, feel free to do so.

As you probably recall, I am a convert and a tradvert, so up-front I will admit to being more ignorant of facets of the Church than I would even realize, assuming I was honest with myself in the humility to which I am called. That being said, it seems to me that a number of trads are really, really upset about the state of the Church Militant, and I think I am beginning to understand why. Let me explain by way of what I believe I know right now.

First, all of our Church leaders, along with Her laypeople, have been sinners, wicked, if you would, albeit to varying degrees.

Second, the whole world, being subjugated by the devil and also run by wicked human beings, tries to challenge, suppress, corrupt, or even exterminate the Church.

Third, the Church cannot promulgate false doctrine, ever; in fact, the Lord will always support His Church, and will always protect Her from utterly falling to the first two factors listed above.

Fourth, for the recent past in the history of the Church Militant, we have been subjected to many kinds of challenges to our Faith, both from within the Church and from without. For the purposes of our trad forum, these challenges include suppression or impedance of the Vetus Ordo, weakening of the Church's public witness, obfuscation of Her teachings, and confusion of the laity.

So, it feels like we are hosed by all of these factors, and it is difficult to remain upbeat, steady, or even correctly formed with all this stuff going on. Your site is as a watchman, alerting us to stuff happening and warning us to avoid perils. Your challenge, and ours, then is how to remain faithful, while feeling beset-upon by all of the above.

Are these arguments true, or am I misunderstanding some facts?