11 November 2015

Abject Missouri, Indeed

I have been trying to find the time to write about the idiocy that is the Great Racial Drama at the University of Missouri.  Before I could, two other writers have written about it better.  Typical.  That's what you get without a paypal donation button on here, folks.

The long and the short of it is this: we are done as a society. Ferguson and Mizzou teach all of us that if you form a mob and threaten people with violence or theft, you will be mollified.  Again and again.

The first piece comes from the neocon journal of record, National Review, which pleasantly enough actually nails this issue.  Excerpts below: 

Tim Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri, is resigning his post, an act of extraordinary cowardice on the part of the university.


Wolfe, black students insisted, has “enabled a system of racism” at the university. What exactly that system of racism consists of remains vague. The complaints include the by-now-familiar litany, beginning with the fact that the university administration was silent on the matter of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., a year ago. Multiple investigations of the Brown shooting, including the one conducted by Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, have concluded that there was no criminal conduct by police in the case. But even if there had been, what business is it of the University of Missouri? The purpose of a university administration is to administer the university, not to provide a salve for every hurt, real or imagined, that besets the increasingly childish adults it is intended to serve.


When men with souls made of cotton candy wilt in the face of this sort of absurdity, it encourages it. Wolfe is, by his resignation, rewarding destructive and deeply illiberal behavior. (In response to the racism hysteria, a student went on a hunger strike, and a group of black players on the football team threatened to boycott the remainder of the season. That a 4–5 team might skip the remainder of its games is hardly an institutional crisis, but the preservation of mediocrity is the highest priority of college administrators.)


Here are the facts: Drunk people often are unpleasant; Michael Brown was a criminal who got himself shot by attacking a police officer​; racism is a distinctly minor factor in American public affairs, less significant, in fact, than phony accusations of racism; if Mizzou never plays another quarter of football, the world will go on; University of Missouri students desperately need to grow the hell up and start acting like adults. 


The other piece is a fairly well reasoned item, considering it comes from the sports blogging world.  Clay Travis of Fox Sports says what needs to be said. Again, excerpts:

Not content to just engage in a dumb protest with no cogent political goals, the Mizzou protest officially hit post-satire status this afternoon when Mizzou faculty members -- including a communications professor currently doing a research study on 50 Shades of Grey -- bullied a student journalist who had the audacity to take photographs of protesters in a public place.

You know, as he's constitutionally allowed to do under the First Amendment.

Watch this video:

My five favorite quotes:

1. "Our friend's life is on the line and we're asking you to respect that!"


You can't put your own life on the line by not eating. Since, you know, you can end the death crisis by eating.

2. "You lost this one, bro."

Yes, this reporter totally lost this one. If by "lost this one," you mean, exposed this protest for the total sham that it is to the entire nation.

3. "You are an unnecessary reporter, you do not respect our space!"


4. "It's our right to walk forward."

---, Mizzou, how can you have so many insufferable losers all bunched together at one time.

5. Female carrot top professor: "I need some muscle over here."

This video should make your blood boil if you have any comprehension of the first amendment at all. See, what these protesters believe is all too common on college campuses today -- the first amendment should only apply if you agree with what people are saying. Otherwise, you don't deserve the right to speak. 

Now let's talk about the two Mizzou employees featured in the video. Why identify them? Well, they bullied a student seeking to report on a major campus event. They've thrust themselves into the center of a major story. I think it's fairly significant that Mizzou, which boasts one of the top journalism schools in the country, is employing people who don't want the students' "safe space," whatever that means, violated. Here's a crazy idea, maybe pick somewhere other than a public quad to hang out if you need a safe space.


You should be ashamed of yourself, Mizzou. This is what happens when today's delicate flower children grow up believing that college should be a place where no one ever says anything to make them sad and those of you on campus with working brains don't stand up and call them out for being pathetic losers.

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Frank Heisling said...

My two cents: (and that is overestimating its worth)
This incident was begun and fueled by a faculty who did not like Wolfe from the beginning of his tenure. He was considered an "outsider" to the many tenured faculty. His back ground was business. This is anathema to the liberal elite. He had experience with trimming and cost-cutting. If there is one thing that educators HATE, it is trimming their costs. They are MUCH to important, don'tcha know ??
They had low hanging fruit to pick from with the black students. Nothing like charges ( unproven, by the way ) of "racism" to get attention. Keep that mantra going until the media starts genuflecting to them.
Add to the mix, that if the football team forfeited the game this week that multiple thousands of dollars in penalties to the University would result.
As a famous movie line once said, "It's all about the dollars."