22 November 2015

An Accurate Observation

From Hilary White at The Remnant

This brings me back to the warning issued last night by an online hacker/activist group, identified only as “Anonymous,” who listed “Feast of Christ the King celebrations (Rome/Worldwide)” as being among those under direct threat today.

After Mass, I told Father what I had read on the news aggregators in the morning. We agreed that it was an appropriate accompaniment to the readings. But how strange it is that the only people who seem to really understand what is going on are the terrorists themselves – who are clear that they are waging war on Christendom and the Catholic Church’s ancient claims to temporal supremacy – and the Traditionalists, who are the only Catholics remaining in the Church who still understand what that means. Nearly everyone else will miss the point.

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Anonymous said...

There are others too that feel the same amount of threat. They are wearing metal pots on their head to prevent this 'mass destruction.'
"War on Christendom?" Absolutely NO!
What they ARE waging war on is the West. For some reason, they are not happy that we "liberated" Iraq by directly or indirectly slaughtering 500,000 citizens. In the US, we're still talking about the Boston bombing that killed 2 people. Iraq averages 2-3 a day, with dozens killed each time. (Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz & Rumsfeld haven't left the US because they would be hauled off to international court as war criminals in most the world.)
They aren't acting very grateful that we are bombing Syria back into the Stone Ages, just as we did Iraq. They're not happy that more than half our 'foreign aid' is used to buy weapons for Israel, which until the Syrian crisis, had created 4 million refugees of Palestinians fleeing their centuries-old homeland. Nor the aerial bombardment of the world's largest ghetto, Gaza, leaving 17,200 homes destroyed, and ... concrete is STILL banned as an illegal substance by Israel, as are metal and steel pipes and chocolate chip cookies.
No, the Muslim world isn't mad at Christendom - they're mad as hell, though, at the daily killings committed by the US which claims to be "a Christian" nation.
I periodically visit your website, which ironically wages a war on the modern church, but seems to contort itself trying to show how the US is such a great place in general.
IF you were to look at Islam (not from your usual judgmental perch, but with a deeper level of contemplation) you would find your group shares so many similar values with their faith. They are family-centered. They reverence the body, they fervently pray, they read their scriptures 6 times a day, they follow strict religious laws, and they know their life isn't about self-gratification but about service to others.
Yes, they have their off-the-edge terrorists, and we have our Timothy McVeys and Donald Rumsfelds.