02 November 2015

Gotta Do It

Meaning, I have to link to this article at WUWTS, by Fr. Brian Harrison, noted theologian and denizen of these parts, analyzing the Synod's final relatio and drawing the logical, and distressing, conclusions therefrom.  

Don't like bad news? Don't read it.

Psalm 129:5-6


TLMer said...

I found this perspective helpful as well.

thetimman said...


Why would a warning against sedevacantism be necessary?

TLMer said...

Not the SV per se, but how he advises the faithful to deal with fears or concerns over it. It seems to me that Hillary White, and others get downright frothy over their concerns about the Church, and I find Fr. Z's historical perspective, coupled with pragmatic spiritual advice, to be encouraging.

I am not saying that your blog espouses Sede Vacantism; in fact, just the opposite. But, it seems to me that some fellow trads maybe get a little too concerned with this or that op-ed piece that is so abundant on the InterWebs. I would put Ms. White into that group, based on what I have read from her. I find comfort in the balancing of those concerns with the adage that God is in control.