17 November 2015

In a Good Place

The worse things get, the more reassuring it is to be Catholic.  It's the only answer to evil in the world and the only meaningful way to face individual suffering.  When one looks at the crucifix, it is very hard to claim that God has forgotten us, or doesn't care.

I have refrained from posting the latest outrages from Rome.  It simply doesn't matter anymore.  The masks are off, there are no illusions for those who will see.  Yet we are called to a radical obedience.  Obedience to Christ and a firm reliance upon Him, and not on our own strength.  

Well, that's not an original thought, of course.  But events keep putting the focus on that, so that even the stupidest person in the world (I'm looking in the mirror here) can finally get his head around it.

God willing, I'll keep my head around that.  The problem isn't the knowledge or the foresight to see what's coming.  Who cares?  The necessary thing to have the faith, hope and joy to live during the tension that comes before.  Patience, wait on the Lord.

Now back to the day.


Anonymous said...

There is an article in the most recent issue of The Remnant (vol 48, No.18) by Susan Potts entitled 'Apollyon Unleashed'. To paraphrase ... Faith is the soul of Catholicism; faith is what we believe. Religion is its body and how we live. The old religion is dead. The seeds of destruction were sown against the Catholic way of life through 'the direct attack on the foundation of domestic strength - the feminine vocation. Her power to direct and guide - to rule her house, to create and teach, to nurture and protect...' was subverted. 'The Catholic way of life was destroyed by the hierarchy, the princes of the Church, all the way up to the Chair of Peter.'

Yet the Faith endures. It flickers precariously in today's catacombs.

The all out assault has begun in the brilliance of day by Apollyon and his minions with no need to hide in the shadows any longer. All out attack is at full gait against the ones who hold fast to the Faith in its fullness, and we're insidiously affected by the poison in their arrows, yet we endure. And with the Saints, we are in good company. We need the brilliance of Joan of Arc and Catherine of Sienna.

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.


St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Yes, it is good when bloggers don't set up a cycle of every day giving the same people the latest outrage so they can be confirmed in their opinions.