18 November 2015

"That in the midst of this fickle world we may always live under Your protection"

God, who led the children of Israel dry-shod through the sea, and showed the way to the three Magi by the guidance of a star; grant us, we pray, a happy journey and peaceful days, so that, with your holy angel as our guide, we may safely reach our destination and finally come to the haven of everlasting salvation.

God, who led your servant, Abraham, out of Ur of the Chaldeans, and kept him safe in all his wanderings; may it please you, we pray, also to watch over us, your servants. Be to us, Lord, a help in our preparations, comfort on the way, shade in the heat, shelter in the rain and cold, a carriage in tiredness, a shield in adversity, a staff in insecurity, a haven in accident; so that under your guidance we may happily reach our destination, and finally return safe to our homes.

Lord, we beg you to hear our request that you guide the steps of your servants along the path of well-being that comes from you, and that in the midst of this fickle world we may always live under your protection.

Grant, we pray, O Almighty God, that your party of travellers find a safe route; and heeding the admonitions of blessed John, the precursor, come finally to Him whom John foretold, your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever.

All: Amen.

V. Procedamus in pace.

R. In nomine Domini.


--from the Itinerarium

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Long-Skirts said...


Look to the timeless
Look to the true -
Look to the Christs
Giving their lives for you.

Look to His Mother
Look to her spouse -
Flee from the dens
Where the thieves rob His House.

The thieves have seduced
The thieves have well groomed
These head in sand souls
They have crushed and consumed.

The new hired Herods
Lure with a kiss -
Only pure-pious wise men
Know something's amiss.

Follow these wise men
It's clear who they are -
Bethlehem bred
Under a Swiss-silver star!