23 December 2015

Merry Christmas Adam!

Christmas Adam, so-called today by my children, who are too eager to wait for Christmas Eve, is here again.  Just in case we don't talk again before the Blessed Feast of the Nativity, I wish you and yours a Merry, Merry and truly Blessed Christmas. It is particularly welcome to me this year, for reasons I can't entirely explain.

The darker the night, the brighter the dawn, is the likely cause.  Christ is the Victor over death and the true Prince of Peace.  

On this Christmas Adam, bear with me a bit on a Potpourri post:

1.  Christmas Eve is traditionally a day of fast and abstinence, and many still have the customary meat-free dinner--very close to a celebration in and of itself-- on that day.  Yes, yes, this fast, like most every other one, is no longer required.  But many who chose a traditional observance of the season may or may not know that the fast and abstinence requirement was allowed to be observed today, December 23.  This indult was brought about over time and in different areas, but John XXIII made this available universally in 1959.  So, get your fast on, yo.

2.  Thanks to everyone who offered prayers for my son during and after his surgery.  I also received some exceedingly kind emails. I thank you all.  Without too much detail, my little guy-- 5 years old-- has some issues with his larynx, and requires occasional surgeries to ensure he can talk and breathe properly.  He is a brave little boy.  But I mean this, knowing so many families with so many worse issues, that his mother and I are grateful it isn't more serious than it is.  He came out of surgery Monday with a clarion clear voice, to our great relief.  Still, we pray to St. Blaise for a cure; if you want to as well, we wouldn't stop you.  

3.  Regarding my last post, covering the theft of the confessional door at St. Francis de Sales Oratory: that is just an evil and ignorant act. That's all I can really say.  I pray for its recovery. The important thing is that confessions will continue, and now I get to hear everyone's sins.  Just kidding.  There are three other confessionals in the Church, and I propose armed commandos to occupy them when the priests aren't there. #Year of Mercy   

4.  Speaking of the Oratory, it seems to me that there is a particularly strong community of clerics there at the moment.  Well, it's always strong, but the three priests and two oblates (not forgetting the seminary candidates) seem to be especially good.  Fun, faithful and energetic. A good time to join the Oratory. /end plug/

5.  Thinking as always of my brother, Methodist Jim, Reader X (is he still living?) and all of you, I will again be posting Myles Connolly's "Two Christmas Eves" tomorrow.

God bless us all.

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