03 December 2015

Parental Failure? Childhood Genius? Both?

True story:  My not-yet-two year old daughter successfully purchased a Spongebob Squarepants movie off of Amazon. We found out when an order confirmation was emailed to us.

Random thoughts:

1.  make the password harder
2.  maybe check on her more often when she's quiet
3.  don't believe any child who says they're using the computer for school without serious evidence or their statement that the computer is off
4.  turn off "one-click ordering"
5.  chastise her for bad taste

Now, I know from the highest levels of the Church that my readership is filled with judgemental people.  But I ask you, please just accompany me and be present with me during this time.  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dummy me let son browse Amazon around B-Day or Christmas last year. I get back to my PC and got an order confirmation for an "aperture handheld portal device". Such objects, formerly a cheap video game toy for $20 or so are now worth $300 on Amazon. We canceled that STAT!

Yes, parental failure on our part. Do NOT trust the kids. We still haven't told them the passwords for PCs they use.

Judge me, people. I dare you!

Fr. Andrew said...

Sorry. Nope. I won't accompany you.

At least, not until Dec. 8th, that is when I HAVE to be merciful.

Right now? Scorn. Shame. Shunning.

Anonymous said...

I'd never judge you in a million years. Never ever when it comes to raising children. I do actually think that you have a little genius.