07 December 2015

Please Pray for a Dying Seminarian in KC

Wesley McKellar is a seminarian in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, and he is dying from inoperable brain cancer.  His family, understandably devastated, have posted updates on a GoFundMe page set up for medical expenses.

Please pray for him and his family.  A brief excerpt about his condition:

This week, Wesley’s brain cancer journey rounded a corner we had hoped would never come. Wesley took the advice of his oncologist, which was to end treatment for his brain cancer. The final treatment available, the electrode Optune treatment, was not designed for the fast growing type of cancer Wesley is fighting, so the oncologist advised against it. Chemotherapy is no longer effective.

Wesley is now a hospice care patient. His symptoms increase week by week. Walking is becoming more challenging, processing speech is increasingly difficult, and any activity wearies him greatly. He is fighting the pain of his headaches, the challenge of not being able to communicate clearly, the struggle with movement, and the discouraging news that no treatment on this earth can now help him recover from it all.

It is so painful to watch this unfold. Our family is gathering around Wesley in every way we can. We are so proud of this son of ours, who has fought so bravely by trying every treatment, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable, that might help him. As Wesley rounds this corner into what might well be the final stretch of his race in this life, he is dealing with the reality of a whole new path.

Thank you so much for your support in every way! Our family feels so strengthened by all the prayers and help we have received. We would ask you to please continue to pray for us, and for Wesley in particular, as he puts his energies into finishing his race on earth very well and the sunset of this journey gives way to the dawn of his eternal life with the Lord, which will have no more pain, no more tears, and we will long to finish our lives well, too, to join him there.

This Advent, as we await the birth of the Savior, may be the advent of Wes meeting his Lord face to face, in a joyful embrace of love.

With our heartfelt thanks for being beside us on this difficult road,
The McKellar family

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Anonymous said...

Who knows the ways of God, but my prayer is that this young man die what the faithful call "a happy death"--one that benefits of all the sacraments that lead to eternal life.

As for his family, God bless them.