18 January 2016

One Can't Help but Notice Things

Just one day (on a Sunday, no less) after meeting cordially with the synagogue that rejects the Messias and the Gospel to this day, Pope Francis uses Christ's metaphor of new wine and old wineskins to chastise Catholics who want to be true to the faith of the Church as handed down from Apostolic times?

I'm confused by this.  Wasn't the old/new wineskins metaphor used by Our Lord to urge his followers to accept the New Law and not to force it into the construct of the Old Law?  You know, the Old, superseded Law the talmudic Jews of today claim to follow?

I didn't sense any chastisement on Sunday.  But today, a little bit.


My brother helped me remember the essentials: I believe Peter is the rock. I want to be Catholic. I just have to bear down and be faithful through this period that I simply don't understand.

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