05 January 2016

Shrine in Peril: Archdiocese of Chicago is Proposing Demolition

From the Institute of Christ the King, an update on the Shrine of Christ the King:

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has received a letter from the Archdiocese of Chicago summarizing the results of their substantial efforts to ascertain the best course of action for the Shrine building after the devastating October fire. Based on extensive engineering and other evaluations the Archdiocese has concluded that the church building has significant structural issues and to restore the building to its state before the fire and to bring it up to current City of Chicago building code standards is cost prohibitive. The Archdiocese is predominantly self-insured and therefore there is no resort to an insurance claim with an external insurer.

Therefore the Archdiocese is moving without delay to demolish the remnants of the structure. The Archdiocese has offered the Institute the opportunity to propose a plan for rebuilding a new church on the same site. The Institute is carefully considering this as a first option, mindful of its pastoral dedication and the Shrine’s important place in the Woodlawn and Hyde Park communities. As another option, the Archdiocese has offered a South Side church which is now available for occupancy.

The Institute remains committed to its daily mission at the Shrine of living the truth in charity for the good of souls and the benefit of the local community. Thus, the Archdiocese will renew its lease with the Institute for our continued use of the rectory and parking lot. The Institute is deeply grateful for the prayers and generous support of the Shrine faithful and friends particularly at this challenging time of discernment.


JBQ said...

How sad is this? It is also very convenient for those who hate the Traditional movement.

JT said...

I am not part of the community at the Shrine but go there several times a year. I always thought the Institute would do much better in another area in the Diocese. There are plenty of Churches closed (closing) in other areas assuming the Diocese would allow it. Oak Park for example has a few and would be a good fit.

Elizabeth said...

So sad for them. I'll bet Cupich isn't terribly broken up about it.

Elizabeth said...

@JT: I too have been there many times for Masses, Retreats, and the Last Rites once. True, they probably would do much better in another area, although I've no doubt that their presence in that neighborhood has been a real blessing for those people.

I read somewhere (I don't remember where) that the Archdiocese has offered them another church on the South Side. But I like your thought of the Oak Park area, although the SSPX chapel is there already and has a large congregation. Perhaps on the North side, I'd prefer selfishly. :)