28 January 2016

St. Louis is Alive and Well: A Counterpoint

In the spirit of our discussion of local challenges the other day, and by way of offering another viewpoint, I direct you to this article by Debbie Monterrey. Sure, there are problems, but I think she has a point.

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JBQ said...

Debbie Monterrey of "Donneybrook" fame lives downtown evidently. Her view is from the small area which is rebuilding. Her view is skewed. There was a robbery at the Old Cathedral where the robbery victim who was a veteran was brutally shot and his spine severed. The shooter went through his pockets while he lay on the ground wounded. I live in Dutchtown which Debbie has to be made to understand is part of the City of St. Louis. The City is not a 4 square block area. Of course, she has a point. However, the large number of Catholic churches which have shut down in the City should tell the real story. The real problem is the poor black areas north of the main City. There are no jobs. There is only despair with gangs and violence being the result.