04 January 2016

The Year We Have

Happy New Year to everyone, as we lurch forward towards to whatever end we have earned.  

Was that passive-aggressive?  Or just a bummer?

I meant the "happy", as in accepting and even desiring the will of God in whatever comes our way. God is not mocked, He will be vindicated.  That's good, yes?  

Also, Mary promised that if we ignored her warnings at Fatima, that "various nations will be annihilated", among other things. And of course, there are words of the Virgin warning of worse dangers in the Church, which the members of the Church's hierarchy have deemed it appropriate not to tell us, in spite of Our Lady's clear instruction that it should be public by 1960.

Our Lady told Sr. Lucia that the Holy Father would consecrate Russia, though it would be late. So, it will happen.  Russia will be converted and we will have a period of peace.  Because it is late in coming, we will also experience persecutions and troubles beforehand.  

What a roller coaster ride we have in store. Yes?  Stay confessed, and live and die like Catholics. If we make it through, what a world we will enjoy. If not, hopefully we'll miss out on the worst of it.

But it is all in God's hands, and what better cruise director than the Virgin Mother of God, more powerful than all hell put together?

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Lynne said...

Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary should be a priority for people who haven't done it yet and need I say, the Five First Saturday devotion!

I did the consecration 2 years ago but I need to buckle down and the Five First Saturdays done too.