24 February 2016

Can We Stand for Something, Anything? Back the Bishop!

Look at this photo.  See these adorable little girls, just doing what generations have done.  Girl Scouts at their finest.  These are the poor little urchins that our evil Archbishop is trying to make cry. See their innocence?  Don't you just feel for them?  Boo! With all the problems in the world, with Our Beloved Holy Father urging mercy and love, why is the Archdiocese picking on these poor little girls!?

That is what you are to think.  Yes, there are bigger problems, but who gives a fig? Any effort in favor of the faith and the natural law by a member of the hierarchy should be enthusiastically cheered. Yes, there are bigger problems, but why not just take them one at a time.  

And in a way, it takes a lot more guts to stand out against the poor little girl scouts than to deny Communion to Joe Biden (though of course do that, too).

Who is harming the girls here?  The Archbishop, taking an action to defend the faith and thus only slightly indirectly to protect their immortal souls? Or maybe the parents and scout leaders who, through indolence or lack of duty, throw their daughters to the baby-killing and natural law-defying harpies behind the curtain?  No, the problem couldn't be us, could it?

Can we please for once just back a Bishop doing the right thing?

If you can, get in the comboxes on these articles.  Write the Archbishop to thank and encourage him. It's a "small" step, but tell me why we should ignore any good news at this particular time?


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Hooray for your bishop!!!