15 February 2016

Continued Good News from Northeast Missouri-- Increased Availability of the Traditional Mass: "The Young People Want It."

The Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri has done very good work in the last few years in promoting the ancient Mass in a diocese that has not been particularly open to it in the past several decades.

Continuing an initiative of the LMS, the Truman State University Newman Center, and the FSSP, the TLM is available again on Sunday this February 28 at 4 pm, at St. Rose of Lima in Novinger.  This location is very convenient for students at Truman State University, hence this article in the Truman State Index (I applaud the news editor of this student publication and the reporter, who seem to understand the importance of the event and the workings of the Traditional Mass from a basic theological perspective as well). Apart from this initiative, the closest approved TLM to the school is in Quincy, Illinois (about an hour and a half away).  Heading to St. Louis or Kansas City means a trip of three hours or more.

From the Index article:

Sophomore Paige Karls says she attended Latin Mass before and really enjoyed the quiet and the reverence she felt. Karls says when she arrived at Truman, there was no Latin Mass offered, but a group of Truman State’s Catholic Newman Center students, as well as some members of the Kirksville community, wanted one.

Sophomore Jackie Jacezko says she attended Latin Mass for the first time Jan. 24. Jacezko said she thought she had a deeper understanding despite not knowing the language. Jacezko says she thinks the lack of language comprehension creates a greater sense of reverence by removing the memorized responses, so meditation becomes easier.

“It’s humbling,” Jacezko says. “Everyone is focused on the same thing. The priest facing the same way that the congregation is facing points people to the real reason they’re at Mass.”

So, congratulations to our friends up North, and hopefully they will be able to establish at least an every Sunday TLM soon.


Long-Skirts said...

Thanks for posting this, Timman, we have a son
at Truman and I'm going to let him know about this!!

TLMer said...

My daughter will start Truman this Fall. SDG for this!

XXXXXXX said...

Wonderful News!

Apologies for my username. I don't know how it became XXXXX..., and I can't figure out how to change it.

M. Ray

J. Barton & Family said...

Thank you, St. Louis Catholic, for your complimentary article and support. Just "working in the vineyard." Our Lady's intervention is to be credited. In our parish, there are six Masses offered each week that satisfy one's Sunday obligation. Some day, perhaps ONE of those weekly Masses will be offered in the extraordinary form? Just one?

JBQ said...

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The traditional Mass always focused on the cross with the "rising sun" behind it.