23 February 2016

Pope's Message for Today

From Rome Reports:

Pope Francis criticized Christians during Mass on Tuesday at Casa Santa Marta.

He described Christianity as a religion that must act for good, not a "religion of saying” made of hypocrisy and vanity.
Pope Francis censured Christians who treat the faith as though it were window dressing, without obligations.

"Perhaps they have their parents in a nursing home, but always are busy and cannot go and visit them and so leave them there, abandoned. ‘But I am very Catholic: I belong to that association,’ [they say]. This is the religion of saying: I say it is so, but I do according to the ways of the world.”...

Words to ponder.

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St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Good message. I do not believe Pope Francis is always wrong. On his simple, prepared actual homilies, he can be quite inspiring. It is sad that for whatever reason he feels he has to jump into the deep end of the press pool when he can barely swim.