04 February 2016

Remember, I Get 30%

With all of the recent talk about actors playing the Pope, and the Pope playing an actor, there is one sure-fire hit that keeps coming to my mind.

What better way to capitalize on the popularity of the Pope and the insatiable desire of the homebound and unemployed to digest TV reality-courts than to lure "Judge Judy", Judith Sheindlin, over to a higher court-- the Vatican?

This show, to which I'll give the working title "Who am I to Judge Judy?", involves the irascible TV jurist settling disputes among Curia officials, reviewing decrees of nullity, and adjudicating slip-and-fall cases brought by the homeless people now inhabiting the colonnade edging St. Peter's Square.  Cardinal Maradiaga can be the bailiff, and Fr. Lombardo can interview the parties after each trial.

Pure gold, Jerry! 

Who am I to Judge Judy?: A Nostra Aetate production.

1 comment:

hobo said...

Judge Judy not, lest ye be Judy judged.