23 February 2016

Something to Keep You Going This Lent

A difficult Lent for me, personally, this year. Fuzzy goals, little focus, very small victories, laziness, and an unidentifiable yearning for something.  Wait, that's every day of the year.  

Hope yours is better.

Anyway, I saw this video this morning and wanted to post it as a kind of encouragement, at least for myself if not for you. It might strike some of you as a little out-of-character for the judgemental troglodyte who writes this blog.  But anyway.

I am still awaiting my go-ahead to take the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.  Within the past few years, it has reached a popularity unknown in its history, if numbers are any guide.  People walk it for all sorts of reasons: health, inner peace, bucket list checking, for travel, cultural reasons, "spirituality"-- as defined by our decrepit times, and maybe for a reason to write books.

But this little video is a nice reminder that it is a religious pilgrimage-- open to anyone, but at its heart that most thoroughly Catholic of endeavors to venerate the relics of St. James the Greater, after undergoing the voluntary and hopefully expiatory suffering of a 500 mile walk spanning more than a month.  It is a metaphor for our earthly pilgrimage, which we pray will end with the attainment of heaven.  On a smaller scale, it is also a metaphor for a good Lent.  

So, here it is:

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Lynne said...

I would kill to be able to go on that...oh wait...