03 March 2016

Justice Roberts, Paragon of Principle

The Republican-appointed Chief Justice who foisted Obamacare on us has now refused to enforce his own Court's decision declaring the Obama "climate change" regulations to be unconstitutional.  The last conservative victory in the Supreme Court, Michigan v. EPA, was decided by a 5-4 vote just last year.  That temporarily halted the EPA from crushing certain industries via illegal regulation, but the agency was given a chance to re-work its language.  

In the meantime, Justice Scalia's very convenient death occurred.  

Now Justice Roberts unilaterally denied an injunction regarding a separate but related regulation that would have delayed other portions of the very rules the Court struck down from taking effect. Cloud cuckoo land.

You may recall that Justice Roberts was vocally anti-Obamacare at oral argument, then surprisingly cast the fifth vote to uphold it, earning even Anthony Kennedy's scorn. The surrounding circumstances indicated that he had written what became-- after his switch-- the dissenting opinion. My personal, not-provable belief is that someone put the arm on him. And so we won't be reading an entry in Profiles in Courage about this quisling.

Roberts is no Scalia.  And his voting record shows he doesn't want to end up like Scalia anytime soon.

Remember this the next time your well-meaning Catholic friends lecture you about the importance of the Republicans being able to appoint the next Justice.

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