31 March 2016

Since I Wish I Had Written It, I'll Go Ahead and Link It

John Horvat has written a great post about keeping the proper perspective and remaining faithful to prayer. Well said:

So many times, people become discouraged by all the trials and obstacles they face. The struggle to lead a life of Catholic virtue seems huge and disproportional. This is especially true of our neo-pagan world where all sorts of vice and temptations constantly appear before us.

In times of discouragement, it is good to remember that God does not put us into situations that are beyond our ability to overcome. In fact, with God on our side, the fight to remain faithful is not at all disproportional since we have all the conditions for victory.

However, it would be good to list five considerations we can make that will give us the upper hand when temptation comes. These considerations help show why this fight is not disproportional. In this way, we can act with energy and conviction in times of trials and temptations.

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Lynne said...

Yes, it is very good, thanks for posting it.