16 March 2016

Things I Enjoy about American Politics

Well, nothing really.  Maybe I should title the post: Things I, a Known Crackpot, Notice about American Politics. Sorry for the photo.  I just wanted to startle you awake this morning.

1.  All the Trump enthusiasts might want to consider with me how it is, though at every "rally" her audience fits in a three-stall ladies room and has all the enthusiasm of a patient waiting for a root canal, Hillary keeps winning primaries.  Look at Larry David's Bernie Sanders' crowds. Yes, they are primarily comprised of hopeless, bottom-feeding, propagandized hipsters.  And who knows? Maybe they are unable to find their way to polling places without a ride from their mothers, but still. There is genuine energy coming from that campaign anyway.  Yet Hillary rolls. I'm telling you-- Hillary may have already won the general election four months ago as her computer programmers finished pre-loading the results of our oh-so-fraud-proof electronic voting machines.

Remember the disclaimer I put before the Trump post: This assumes arguendo that any of this matters.

2. Hence, the real race on the Democratic side is between Hillary and the Obama Justice Department. Seems like Ol' Billary has a slight and growing lead, but at the risk of sounding somewhat cynical, I think that the race is too close to call, at least until the Democratic convention, when all those mediocre super delegates get to cast their unfettered votes. I suspect that if the Obama or whoever runs things over there becomes convinced that Hillary would lose to Trump (but c.f., item 1, supra) then all of a sudden an indictment comes down. With the indictment comes pressure to bow out, and then who knows who comes out of the convention. Update: Gary North weighs in here.

3. I have foolishly watched many political victory speeches over the years. Many.  They are usually of a type.  But, no matter what, as local news seeks to fill its 21-hour newsfotainment programming, they always cut away to a victory or concession speech.  Yet I noticed that at least two of the local TV stations didn't cover Trump's speech, or cut away immediately.  He really either annoys or scares people.  All the right people, imho.

4. Again, keeping in mind the central caveat, it was a near perfect night for Trump. However Missouri's final tally turns out, he and Cruz will each get 11 delegates.  Florida was not only the biggest delegate prize, but to smoke Rubio so badly in his home state creates an aura of inevitability.  And Ohio going to Kasich isn't a real negative, as keeping that hopeless statist in the race can only hurt the anybody-but-Trump movement.

5. Make America Great Again.  Nice enough slogan, but I wonder if it was great to begin with.  A topic to address over bourbon, methinks. Personally, I would be happy with: We Won't Kill All the Catholics After All. At least not yet.


Jane Chantal said...

I think the "patient waiting for a root canal" actually does bring to mind the sort of glum vacuity typical of the kind of person who might place the election of a female POTUS above all other considerations. That desultory sorority likely consists of relatively few voters, though -- so where this massive support for Hillary comes from is truly baffling to me. (I suppose that those who find nothing admirable in Donald Trump are just as baffled by the massive support he has been receiving.)

Now, I have to say that I have been extremely impressed by Carly Fiorina; I can see her attracting support from a wide cross section of voters for the best reasons (of which "getting a woman president" isn't one). But, she faded from the field quite rapidly.

I guess it must be just some sort of creepy nostalgia for the Clinton Years.

TJM said...

"We won't kill all of the Catholics anyway."

I'm not sure how Trump inspires even that level of confidence in you. I don't know how anyone can take him at his word. He may not be targeting Catholics now, but I would bet we are on his list.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the many pantsuits of Billary. And I haven't heard "Billary" in a long time. I was in DC in those days and up to W's 2nd term.

Aged parent said...

Mr Trump's slogan should be "Make America Sane Again."

Anonymous said...

The US was never great. WASPS founded it. They were anti-Cathoilic. As a practicing Catholic, I am anti US government. It would have been better if the Louisiana Purchase had never been sold. I am 28 years old. I am not proud to be an American. I will never sing the National Anthem.