17 March 2016

Today. Tomorrow.

Stand there. Breathe the air. Take in your surroundings. Realize. Say to yourself: this is still the Catholic Church. No pope has officially tried to change unchangeable doctrine. No pope has ever issued an official teaching document, like an exhortation, for example, that practically repudiates the teachings on marriage spoken by Christ Himself. No way!

We can talk again Monday.

Just one of those "I wonder if the Romans knew that the empire was going to fall that day" things I sometimes ask myself.


Long-Skirts said...

They knew...and so do we!


No hysterics
For the clerics
Lives for you

And lead the way
At Mass each day
Like bull-dogs
Proud the few

Of course there’s
Other soldiers
With orders
Valid too

But at the gate
To separate
St. Pie
Stands first in view

And yes today
Nice people say,
“The battle’s lost
Just try.”

But I and mine
Informed aligned…
St. Pie is

Alex said...

""Minds must be stronger, hearts bolder,
courage greater, as our might lessens."

- The Battle of Maldon