14 March 2016

Who's Behind It? And Where Does It End?

A very well-informed take from a European journalist on the coordinated acts of violence against Trump rallies, and the even more coordinated effort to blame the victim.  It could lead to serious things. An extended excerpt:

I’ve been saying it for a while now, the mainstream media, alongside the politicians running against Donald Trump on both sides, are creating the conditions in which it would be totally “understandable” if there were an attempt on Trump’s life. Seriously.

Think about it. First, they made Donald Trump the enemy of this race, albeit the butt of the jokes. Then the joke got unfunny. Mr. Trump started attracting serious support. And the primary victories came. And the other candidates dropped out. …

Now Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler. Because people raise their hands at his rallies. THEY RAISED THEIR HANDS WHEN ASKED TO. That must make them Nazis. Forget that Mrs. Clinton’s supporters have done the same thing. Forget it. He’s Hitler.


So Mr. Trump... has been portrayed as the progenitor of violence, despite the fact that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters shut down his rally in Chicago last night. And despite the fact that someone tried to jump Mr. Trump on stage in Ohio today. The problem, to these people, is Mr. Trump. Not their own, barbaric, inbuilt (and often inbred) violent tendencies.

And it’s quite clear who is to blame for all of this. Who will be to blame if Mr. Trump experiences anything close to what Democrat George Wallace – an actual segregationist and racist – did. Being shot four times. And never being the same.

It’ll be the fault of the Hitlerizing media. It’ll be the fault of the groups who shut down his events, and made him an easy target. And it’ll be the fault of those who would rather defend President Barack Obama’s record as the “first black president” instead of conceding that he has divided your country more than he has united it.

That he has used skin colour as means to rule.

And that he has given succour to the hard leftist groups within which he played out his own formative years.

As a journalist – sadly – we relish news stories like we’ve seen over the past 24 hours. As a human being, and as a former politico, I dread what I’ve seen. Something very bad could be about to happen.


Aged parent said...

I think this is more likely a George Soros operation.


He financed the so-called "black lives matter" movement as well.

Anonymous said...

It takes a European journalist to see this. Now, I like Ted Cruz as well. I was disappointed that he could not see the radical left at work. (Marco not a surprise) Trump called Sanders out. He calls out all the groups/people with agendas. I have to decide tomorrow whether to vote Cruz or Trump.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I find it utterly ridiculous of the Right (media/pols) to claim that Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy (Republic, actually). Where have they been the past 8 years? To suggest that O is not and has not been a threat is completely laughable. The test has been going on for the past 8 years and the GOP has failed it completely.

I predict that the GOP, along with the Dems, will throw all they've got at a Pres. Trump if he crosses a constitutional line. The GOP will somehow find the manliness to stop him that they could not muster for the past 8 years. I do not worry for our republic. The entrenched powers will gladly impeach Trump for the littlest "crime."

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to know who exactly is behind the rent-a-thug violence at the Trump rallies. It may be Black Lives Matter, or Moveon.org, or others. It would seem that whoever is behind it wants to make it seem as if it's all about race, which is what Black Lives Matter is all about. Except that there is probably more to it than that. The average liberal is now convinced that Trump is a racist, which of course is not true, but the media has indoctrinated the liberals into believing this. But in reality, whoever is behind the violent attacks against Trump and his supporters is likely worried about much more than just race relations, but is using the race thing as an excuse. Just my opinion.

M. Ray

The Bear said...

The Bear roars his agreement. He'll be voting for Trump in the primary because he has all the right enemies. That is Bear logic.

Lynne said...

I think about Bobby Kennedy a lot lately...

I hope the Secret Service are on their A game when watching Trump. They've had their issues lately...

Anonymous said...

So glad that the NRA, which so heavily backs some politicians and "targets" others, has finally come out and said that the reason Trump rallies are so dangerous is that guns are not allowed there. If every attendee had a gun, then these rallies would be far safer.

Oh wait ... gun control is only good for select events.

JTLiuzza said...

I agree with the bear. My father in law asked me why I supported Trump. One of the reasons I gave him is that I was very impressed at the list of people he ticks off.

He's tearing the mask off a lot of "republicans" as well.