07 April 2016

Not What I'd Call a "Joy"

But I will actually read the exhortation before I write about it. I have no expectations of being "Surprised" by Joy. But hey, I live for the readers.

My eagerness to read it might be reflected in the length of time it might be before I write. Don't worry. You are welcome to (privately) guess what I think of it or any particular part of it.

I go in with two general guiding principles: 1) I don't hold with any heresy, formal or duplicitous. It must be called out and condemned; and, 2) the Church cannot fail and Christ is victorious.

We must see whether we can square these principles with the contents.

Stay faithful to Christ: we have no other place to go. He has the words of eternal life. And let's not have any delusions, either of grandeur or of cowardice.

Best I can do for now.

Watch and pray...

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