06 April 2016

Saint Louis Catholic Editorial: Cardinals Deserve Blame for Their Choice of a Disastrous Leader

As bad as things are in the world, let us focus our blame on the real villains. They must not escape accountability.

The Cardinals made a huge error a few years ago in selecting their leader. Yes, his predecessor unexpectedly abdicated, and decisions had to be made in a hurry. Though he had his successes, this predecessor made multiple enemies and was not wildly popular. Maybe he just lost interest in continuing. But no matter-- this is no excuse for the disaster that followed.

Choosing as the captain of their ship a man with no meaningful experience and of extremely questionable judgement, we are now reaping the whirlwind. The time has come for all of us to stand up demand a change at the top.

Mike Matheny must go.


donalmahoney said...

I think you are right in saying Matheny must go but some of your reasons, other than inexperience, don’t ring true with me. A decent man out of his element backed by silent Mozeliak. No one mentions that when Heyward left he may have been the only African American on the club in a city not known for hospitality to African Americans. How may African Americans in recent years have played for the Cardinals. Or would want to play for the Cardinals or live in St. Louis. Matheny must go, I agree, but it is a shame the world is not such that it can accommodate the likes of him, a man of decency in a very indecent world.

Joe'l B. Saawri said...


Lynne said...

I was picturing a totally different organization... ;-)

Cathy D said...

It has not be an auspicious start to the season.

Anonymous said...

You're as loony as your girlfriends over at barnhardt and et cum spiritu tuo.

Pete said...

If you were not going to name matheny, I would have. What will he do as talent ages? Chicago's mgr outfoxed him so badly in the playoffs last fall. Putting run roughshod over our pitchers. Tons of strike outs by card batters. It's going to be a long season.

CurmudgeonKC said...

A city not known for its hospitality to African Americans? They shouldn't feel left out. The whole Ferguson thing notwithstanding, I'd say it's a city not known for its hospitality...period. Unless you went to the right high school, of course.

Perhaps you should move west? Kansas City is much more hospitable. It has better barbeque, thicker pizza, and...oh yeah...Ned Yost brought us a 2015 World Series trophy. And we've got 3 traditional Mass communities. Sadly, we no longer have the ecclesiastical leader we once did.


PS, when you come over, could you bring two four-packs of Urban Chestnut? One Zwickel and one Apotheosis, please. Our beer is good, but one does enjoy a change now and then.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Bear agrees. And cute.

Catechist Kev said...

Lessee here:

Winning pct. of .576 [check]
NL pennant [check]
3 straight CDiv titles [check]
4 straight post-season appearances [check]

All in his first four years as a manager? Ya! Throw da bum out. He clearly cannot manage a baseball team. s/

Catechist Kev

Anonymous said...

I should not comment from tablet. Should be "Pittsburgh ran roughshod..."