13 June 2016

Unpleasant Truth

First, of course the prayers of any decent person go out to those who were murdered in Orlando and to their families.  No one can know the state of any person's soul at death, except God.  This used to be basic knowledge in Catholic circles. This is why we are always called upon to pray for the dead, and not to assume that they are magically transported to heaven "just because", nor, even, to assume they are damned. A homosexual nightclub is a tough place from which to meet your Maker. May God have mercy on their souls.

We are even called to pray for the soul of the murderer.  Again, it doesn't look good to us, but who knows what went through his mind as he died, or what opportunity for repentance for his unbelief and his sins God showed him?

Now, the other reason for this post. It seems to me that whatever the cause, whatever the conspiracy theory, whatever the spin-- the image of a Muslim mowing down the masses of the effeminate West is as sure a symbol of our doom as I can imagine. If this really is an act of Islamic terrorism, the weak and cowardly reaction of our leaders in politics, the media, and the dependent mob sure isn't likely to deter other such attacks.

Not exactly a Lexington and Concord moment, if you get my drift.

I would say enjoy the ride to destruction, but I'll go ahead and guess it won't be pleasant.  

Keep the faith. It's all we have.


Konstantin said...

I'm becoming more and more wary of those mass shootings, regardlesss of whether a Muslim is involved or not. This was supposedly a single shooter event but this Omar guy had to be carrying X amounts of ammo in order to kill fifty people and injure the same number of clubgoers. I was reading on one website that for this to have been true, he must have carried about 60 to 80 pounds of ammunition if he had the same shot-kill ratio as a trained soldier (even if he needed only half the ammo due to the close quarters it would still be plenty). How is this possible? I don't say that the whole thing is a hoax, but in most mass shootings there are always details that don't match up at all. Just take the Anders Breivik story in Norway a couple of years ago. A guy who supposedly trained shooting while playing Call of Duty and used a semi-automatic Ruger to kill 67 people on a 26-acre island. Who is this guy? The Terminator? I think people are so used to those ultra-violent movies where they make kill after kill that they no longer question the feasability of this.

Long Pants said...

Oh wow. While your wordsmithiness keeps you from sounding as crazy as Barnhardt or as dumb as Peggy over at et cum spiritu tuo, you are steadily becoming the "Catholic" version of the Westboro Baptist Church.

thetimman said...


I am skeptical of most things I read, and make no comment about the ultimate responsibility for this shooting-- of course we know very little. As for capability though, three magazines of AR-15 ammo equals 90 rounds. Depending on the clothing worn, not hard to manage. One rests in the rifle to begin with, so that's only two extra.

Long Pants,

Not a nice thing to say about Peggy, and not true of course. But "not as crazy as Ann Barnhardt" might be my new blog motto.