01 August 2016

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Because now I've been blocked from commenting at the National (neo-) Catholic Register.

I guess Mark and Simcha are afraid of everything and everyone, apparently. Or perhaps the Register is filled with delicate geniuses.

Regardless, it is well past time for that ship to go down.


Peggy said...

I think that a critical mass against Mark and Simcha and their antics is growing on the web.


The American Catholic has been exposing them as well for a while now. eg:


The only response from them and NC Register is to ban us.

Anonymous said...

Take it as a badge of honor. I never read them. I did see Shea's latest in a discussion on Facebook. If you look in the comments, you could be Sam Sutton but I know the real Sam Sutton. Shea is losing his mind. I didn't even know that it had become that dire with him. And I have to admit that I am kind of proud of myself for looking away from the train wreck.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people think Shea had actual intellectual talent. What has he done other than recycle the writings of others in his books and earn a living off of his conversion to Catholicism? I often wonder how much of a Catholic he would be if there was no income in it.

Anonymous said...


Join the club. Marky Mark pulled my license to post on his site as well. Oh well.

As you say, Badge of Honor and as a convert, I wear it proudly.