16 August 2016

John McLaughlin, Requiescat in Pace

The McLaughlin Group, believe it or not, was an instrumental part of my passage into political adulthood.  For all its faults and easy tropes, it was an entertaining, informative, and supportive program for a young Catholic Monarchist such as myself.  McLaughlin, you may or may not know, was an ordained and laicized Jesuit priest. No doubt hosting a political talk show on public television was more noble than being a Jesuit of the last fifty years. May God rest his soul.  

For your viewing pleasure, above is a classic SNL skit with the great Patty-Patty-Buch-Buch. Bye-bye!


Jane Chantal said...

It's been a long time since I watched "The McLaughlin Group" which, when my kids were little, was affectionately known in our household as "Shouting Show" :-). I regret not making the effort to watch it in recent years, because it was such a hoot -- perhaps shedding little light, but never failing to entertain. I remember thinking, back in the day, that as intense as John M. was, he probably had dangerously high bp and not many years ahead of him. Glad I was waaay wrong. RIP.

Peggy said...

I loved McClaughlin! The show was a formative one for me as well in my early adulthood. All others are copies, I'd say. What a great man. Yes, his vocation as political discussion show was a far better contribution than being a 20C Jesuit.