30 August 2016

Rank Speculation?

Oh boy, if you think I've gone out on limbs in the past, try this one on:

1.  Hillary is pre-ordained to be president by those who can order such things.

2. Typically the first choice of the government party wins, but if some unforeseen event occurs the other government party candidate wins-- thus providing the comforting illusion of choice to the plebs with little inconvenience to those in charge.

3.  Trump's unexpected and incredible levels of support make his candidacy-- at which those in charge had at first scoffed-- a dangerous threat to settled expectations. 

4.  Trump's poll numbers leading to, and immediately after, the GOP convention, along with the fervor of his supporters, many of whom were being drawn from groups historically hostile or at best apathetic to the GOP, created a panic.

5.  In order to shape opinion and discourage possible Trump voters, poll numbers began to shift in favor of Clinton and the media began a relentless and unprecedented (even for them) hatchet job on Trump, eschewing all pretense of fairness and seeking to destroy his candidacy.

6.  At about this time, the media reported that (wink, wink) the Russians (boo!) had hacked Democratic and Hillary-specific emails.  The line of reporting is that foreign powers were trying to manipulate American elections. There is no one to cast doubt on this version of events, as several Democratic staffers who might know otherwise mysteriously die, adding to the legendary, ontological bad luck of Clinton opponents, historically speaking.

7.  After some initial success with this tactic, Trump continues to rise in the polls, and even with the flawed sampling patterns in play has begun to "take the lead" again. 

8.  This, combined with the fact that Clinton sure looks seriously ill (or possessed? who knows), has caused another wave of panic to those who order things.

9. Therefore, now, reverting to script about the evil Russians (boo!) we are now told that the Russians (boo!) have possibly hacked into our voting systems!! Run!  Notice I say "Russians" and not "Hillary's team of election machine programmers". Sounds better.

So, the way I speculate, all bases are covered: if Hillary's pre-programmed algorithm is worth enough percentage points of votes to carry the day, the press will point to her good polling, Trump's "dangerousness" and the inevitability of it all to rank it as no surprise.  That Russian hacking threat never materialized, you see.

On the other hand, if Trump's landslide overcomes the pre-programmed algorithm for Hillary, and he actually wins the thing, then look for our current junta leader to declare the election results hacked, tainted and unreliable, necessitating a new vote sometime later next year when they can "fix" the problems.  In the meantime, the great leader will just stay in power to maintain control and safety.  Look for lots of faked acts of violence by angry Trumpers to justify just about anything. The way I see it, wanna-be third-termer Chavez isn't out of power yet.

There.  Rank speculation.


Anonymous said...

Which I could say you're out of your mind, but unfortunately I think you're spot-on. May the good Lord help us all.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you nailed it. Except for missing the part where Uncle Joe Biden steps in because heat gets too much for Hillary and he is able to sway back wishy washy Trumpers.


Frank (@txtradcatholic) said...

Not bad, not bad at all. I have privately shared with friends for several months the notion that Barack Hussein Obama has no intention of leaving the White House and will find some way to declare martial law and "postpone" the election. It seems plausible. Your scenario seems even more so.

thetimman said...

And if that isn't the game, tonight's Drudge shock headline says that DHS wants to take control of the entire election system. Don't you feel better now? Looks like Hillary will get another chance to tally the votes!

Ladies and gentlemen, we re well and truly effed.

c matt said...

I don't know, I think your point that Trump is the powers that be's ("PTB") other choice is more plausible. No doubt they have a strong bead on the American public's mood with tracking of internet activity, etc., and offer up Trump as an "alternative" candidate. So, first choice, second choice, doesn't really matter to them much. Remember when GWB declared martial law after Obama won the election? Me neither. Something that drastic has the risk of waking people up. Not saying it's impossible, but highly unlikely and I don't see it as necessary for the PTB to carry out their wishes. The PTB must have some brains - they didn't get to be the PTB for nothing.

Peggy said...

I agree w/your post here and appreciate the follow up of hope and perseverance. It really hit me that Hillary knows she's going to win b/c she has no public appearances until the Sept 26 debate--about a month of no campaigning. She was photographed shopping with her Muslim (people don't care?) sidekick bobbsey-twin. She has no worries. Poor Chelsea was relegated to the back and not dressed in synch. [Or if you can imagine that Hillary is willing to play a part so Obama stays in control, yes I also worry that Barry won't leave.]

God have mercy on us all. St Michael defend us in battle.