14 September 2016

On Record

Schism is the inevitable result of this policy. It is likely the goal of this policy. But remember that those who side with Christ and His words, Christ and His Church-- the constant teaching whereof is immutable on the questions of matrimony and the reception of Holy Communion-- these are not the schismatics.

We can only pray that God will show mercy on us, a mercy that in any objective measure none of us deserve, and bring clarity.  Is Francis Pope or not? If he is not, this all becomes easier on the spiritual and intellectual level. Who cares how hard it will be on the natural level, if the persecution we will inevitably suffer and hopefully endure, as long as we know we are on the side of Christ? But on the other hand, it will be an added cross indeed to suffer and hopefully endure, not knowing if we backed the wrong horse. This is the type of confusion that could easily discourage the faithful under persecution, though of course, if borne with out of love for God's will, that will make the crown more glorious. I just know that I don't trust my strength to endure, let alone to endure with the added burden of doubt as to cause.

We are now officially-- as if we didn't know it before, some from the time he stepped on the balcony and surveyed the sheep to be slaughtered-- on notice.  The time for choosing. Are we going to stand for Christ or not? Will we sit there and allow Him to be desecrated in His Eucharistic Body and Blood as a matter of policy? 

What are you prepared to do? Pray for the Church and the Pope! And choose. Priests, will you defile Him? Seminarians, will you go along? Lay faithful, will stand idly by? We must choose.

With Christ, or against Him.

Are you willing to risk something, anything, to be with Him? Or will we go along to avoid trouble? Ready to leave your parish and go elsewhere while you can? Ready to be sacked by the Bishop or appointed chaplain of the out-state hospital? Ready to be kicked out of seminary? Ready to choose with your actions?

The alarm is sounded. Are you ready? The man who sits on the Chair of Peter has written that unrepentant public adulterers are to be allowed to commit sacrilege. Do you care?

And then, of course, His Holiness gives us this little dig to ensure we know that he knows that we know that he knows.


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Anonymous said...

Thetimman: My advice to you.
1.You can go to heaven without assisting at Mass, if no Mass is available.

2.You can go to heaven without the sacrament of Penance, if none is available. (Act of perfect contrition)

3.You can not go to heaven without the Catholic Faith. As you say on your blog: Unam Sanctam is still in effect.
Tom Lozier

thetimman said...

Thanks, Tom. I mean it. But that is beside the point of what to do about lending support for sacrilege. That is on each of us as it manifests itself. We need to be ready. Even should the pope order sacrilege, it remains a grave sin. Cooperation or approval of the sins of others implicates us.


I also read this very well written and poignant blog here, which I heartily recommend to all:


traddadof4 said...

I think that group or those groups that sounded the alarum decades ago have been vindicated. We saw the chaos of the 60s and 70s. Chaos does not lead to spontaneous order. Anybody who was not thinking strictly with rose-colored glasses knew that a Pope Francis would have to ultimately emerge.