23 November 2016

The Day before Thanksgiving Public Service Announcement

Beginning tomorrow you will be able to watch It's a Wonderful Life on a coninuous loop through Christmas Day.  

You have been warned.

On the other hand, pumpkin spiced products are being shown the door. A decent exchange.

For your amusement, I want to link to an ancient post and an even more ancient link to another site with two somewhat beside-the-point economic and political takes on the Frank Capra classic. The late, lamented Reader X-- who won't read this site anymore-- used to make me laugh with his anti-Wonderful Life rant about how it infantilizes the faith. He, and the two takes linked above, sure do take that movie seriously. 

I enjoyed the surface misogyny of young George Bailey's interaction with Mary, who sure could have done better. I also enjoyed a druggist who couldn't read the word POISON on his bottle of, well, poison. Dancing for drinks in a rough bar, sitting next to an odd gentleman ordering a flaming rum punch (looking at you, JJR), firing gunshots indiscriminately into a crowd, screaming in horror that your wife might acually work at the Library-- who hasn't done this? And what's with Sam Wainwright and the hee-haw! thing?  Bizarre.

I sometimes look at the inner workings at the Bailey Bros. Building & Loan and think I'm looking at my own firm. Chilling vision, to be sure. Am I George or Uncle Billy? Maybe the bird.  Ah, yes, but my wife is Donna Reed, so there's that.

Anyway, it all comes together quite well for me, in what our Rector would call a gesamtkunstwerk. I enjoy the heck out of it.

But the real question still remains: How can a person set up a podcast and call himself "The Catholic Movie Guy" if he hasn't seen It's a Wonderful Life?


Catholic Movie Guy said...

It infantilizes the faith - Reader X.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch movies, and I don't listen to movie podcasts.


Former SLPS Parent

Xplant said...

Wow, Catholic Movie Guy. Wow, wow, wow. [insert appropriate emoticon].