26 December 2016

Canon Commins Hits the Ice

Merry Christmas! STLToday has just posted a nice article on St. Francis de Sales Oratory's own Canon Jean-Baptiste Commins.  In the Summer, you can see him at the basketball court; in the Winter, the ice rink.

Oh, and I guess I should mention you can see him celebrating Mass and hearing confessions, too.

Like all the priests at SFDS, they spend lots of time in the confessional, and are zealous in the celebration of the Church's liturgy. We are blessed to have them.

(An aside: In a past post on the sign and sacramental that is the Roman cassock, many commenters agreed with me that the cassock, while it sets one apart as undeniably a cleric, is also a magnet that draws ordinary people into seeking out that priest. He is apart, or to say it another way, holy, set apart for a purpose. But that state also communicates that he is there for us. Set apart for us

People respond to the cassock. 

Unlike some critics whose motivations are questionable, far from feminizing a priest, the cassock is a manly garb. The vast majority of priests wearing it are manly, as men should be.)

Be that as it may, just wait until I give him trouble about being dashing


Anonymous said...

So this is the priest that has been hearing my confessions lately. It's nice to have a little profile of him. May God bless him for answering the call. I'm always grateful to be able to pop down to the Oratory in the morning and know that a priest will be there.


Long-Skirts said...

Great article!


The power of the cassock
Is to lure
Like fishermen
To nets secure.

The power of the cassock
Ebony shine
A hull of hues
On deck Divine.

The power of the cassock
Anchors the man
Dead to the world
In his sea-span.

The power of the cassock
Weighted strength
Before the mast
It's linen length.

The power of the cassock
Sails your soul
To greater depths
From shallow shoal.

The power of the cassock
Captains' pure
The fishermen
Our land-locked cure.

chantgirl said...

All of our priests are dashing gentlemen!

I don't have a Facebook account anymore, so I can't comment on the article, but I really want to ask the haters if they would ridicule Jesus for wearing a "dress". However, I think Long-Skirt's approach might work a little better. This is why I no longer have a Facebook account ;)