23 December 2016

Cardinal Burke, We Have Your Back

As we approach the blessed and joyous feast of Our Saviour's Birth, it is unseemly to have to post about the current, ominous "investigation" into the Knights of Malta.  

But I do so to ensure that Cardinal Burke is fairly represented and that his supporters know that whatever may appear in the mainstream or Vatican-directed press, there is ample reason to remain steadfast. 

We cannot know for sure, of course, that Cardinal Burke is being targeted for retribution by the thugs of the Amoris Laetitia cabal oozing about the Vatican, but it sure smells. If retribution it is, remember it is for standing to witness for Christ Himself. For asking the pope to uphold the Church's teaching.

Anyway, Lifesite News posted this article, informing the faithful that the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta asked an official of the Knights to resign after learning this person was overseeing the distribution of contraceptives while in his post with the Knights. When thus confronted, he refused to resign and thus was sacked. This action of the leader of the Knights was supported by Cardinal Burke.  

That's the story as reported.

If true, then not only would a Vatican-ordered discipline of Cardinal Buke reek of retribution for the Dubia, but it would require Francis to side with a person who violated his own oath of obedience to the order, and who, in violation of Church teaching, was acting in the name of a Catholic order to distribute gravely immoral items to the poorest of the poor.

For the record.

Merry Christmas-- I'm still praying for a Christmas miracle that Francis will uphold the faith and not break it over his pride.

And for the record, knowing that this blog has the reach of a gnat's arm, and for regardless of what good it will do, I want to say that if anyone comes after Cardinal Burke unjustly, I will make it my business to oppose him and to rally anyone in my reach to his defense.


Unknown said...

In the trenches with you, brother!

DJR said...

I am with you on this as well.

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the cardinal. The outrageous calumnies being spread about him throughout the world (think National "Catholic" Reporter) are enough to make most men shrink, but he soldiers on.

A true apostle. God bless him.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke is an apostle of the Truth. A faithful steward of the mysteries entrusted to him, a man of charity and of grace. We need more like him. May God grant him many years!
P.S.—count me in the regiment, too. The Catholic Sacristan.

Anonymous said...

Not such a short reach I'm in Horsham England!

Long-Skirts said...


They have struck the sheep,
“Accompany us”, they shout,
Fleecing the flock
Confuse with fake doubt.

They have struck the sheep
Hoots owl, "Who?"
"They want a schism!"
Screams black-robed ewe.

And facing the flock
They lure a white wedge
Eyes to eyes backing
Nearing cliff's edge,

But in the lower, lower
Pasture greens
A Good Shepherd guards
Each lamb a grace gleans

He stands, turns east,
He leads, they follow
Toward thunder's roll
No time to wallow,

Like others before
Crook and Mitred for attack
"Mine sheep know me"...
And we've got his back!!!!