05 December 2016

Good Post Giving Some Legal Background to the Dubia

The Dubia Brothers (pre-Michael McDonald)
At Rorate Caeli today.


thetimman said...

A lohg read, but definitely worth it. Pay particular attention to the last section on the course of public correction and its possible ends.

Anonymous said...

These are four musketeers of OUR FAITH !!!! Card.Rochelle is Bergoglio himself!!!

Anonymous said...

Thetimman:Does not Dr.Lamont have it backwards?

According to the Doctor:First:Francis is convicted of the canonlcal crime of heresy.Second:Francis removes himself from office by pertinaciously maintaining here

But the Church teaches that no one is allowed or able to judge the Pope. VaticanI Denz.1830

Thus:First:Francis removes himself from office by pertinaciously maintaining heresy. Second:Cardinal Bergoglio is tried in Ecclesiastical court for the crime of heresy.
Tom Lozier

thetimman said...

Tom, Robert Siscoe wrote on this exact thing at the Remnant, and I urge you to check it out. Apparently, canon law and theologians have always made the teaching of heresy as the only exception to the none judge the pope maxim. Read it and let me know what you think.